About Us

Ağaoğlu Group of Companies established in 1981. With its investments in construction, tourism, and energy sectors since 40 years, it has become one of the important investment groups of Turkey. To date, Ağaoğlu has built more than 35 thousand high-quality residential, office, retail units.

Ağaoğlu diversified its developments phase by phase to a larger end product base and involved in projects in real estate industry with a total construction are close to 7 million square meters.

There are 2 Hotels and 2 Sports & Life Centers  within the Ağaoğlu tourism group. The total room capacity amounts to 311. 1 Hotel in Uludağ Ski Resort in Bursa (namely My Mountain Hotel) and 1 Hotel in İstanbul, Ağaoğlu My City. Health and Sport clubs are under «My Club» brand, operational 2 clubs with its 13.000 members

The total portfolio will have 217.4 MW installed capacity with an expected annual generation of 775 GWh/year. The total projects developed until today is 520 MW. Mersin WPP (42 MW) was commissioned in 2010, Şah WPP (105 MW) in 2011, Edincik WPP (77 MW) in 2013 and Seferihisar WPP (21 MW) in 2016. Kartal WPP (49 MW) will be commissioned in 2020.

Ağaoğlu Energy Group, targeting a key role in renewable energy sector as in construction and tourism sectors in Turkey.