Our Mission

  • To fulfill people’s most important need-a need of home by using natural and modern methods
  • Firstly, to contribute to the physical and mental health of people by linking the social, sporting and cultural activities.
  • Due to declining energy resources on Earth, to care for future generations on the subjects of the environment, nature protection and energy efficiency.


Ağaoğlu Brand Values is a unit that includes the contribution we make to our partners and clients in all spheres of our activity and the contribution to our society that we make by protecting, developing and producing things. These are;

  • To use all the resources we own to fulfill the clients’ needs, expectations and to satisfy them
  • To create harmony between environmental, historical and cultural matters of our city
  • To fulfill this century’s architectural requirements and to produce the living spaces suitable for life of the specific society together with our managing, technical and administrative personnel
  • To serve in order to make the standards of social life better and help them develop
  • To apply high technology, best partners, perfect materials, quality architecture and engineering service to all our projects
  • To make contribution to economy, to create new working spaces with our continuous productivity policy • To support city renewal projects and prevent unlicensed construction
  • To build safe living spaces in terms of natural disasters and law