Our Values

In Ağaoğlu “human” take precedence. In terms of human resources, general management principles based on shared values are integrated with the frame of leadership, respectability, quality, participative management, flexibility, value creation, and empowerment concepts. Ağaoğlu values and general management principles form the essence of Human Resources implementations.

  • Nobody creates leading institutions but pioneering people; nothing nourish and support the creativity of their employees but the lead agencies.
  • But institutions of respected people preserve dignity and may carry forward.
  • The quality of work is determined by the quality of employees. Effective and efficient participation of different skills moves the company forward.
  • Flexibility not adversely affecting the philosophy makes the philosophy stronger.
  • The authority is given for testing and evaluation of competence increases ability and value.

Ağaoğlu Group of Companies accepts its most important job to make a contribution to the society, that made a contribution to the company, supported it, and helped to gain the assets and great corporate reputation.