Policy of Human Resources

The main principle of the philosophy of Human Resources of Ağaoğlu Group of Companies is the discernment of “We’re all individuals of the big Ağaoğlu family.” Employees of Ağaoğlu Group of Companies have been working by integrating the Ağaoglu’s future with their tomorrows by adapting to this discernment as an expression of the idea of looking to future in the union of heart and power.

In Ağaoğlu Group of Companies, as a parallel to the development in the world, the basic principles of Human Resource Management executions monitoring developments on Human Resource Management that form unalterable part of the concept of “Strategic Management” practices include:

Adaptation and Development: to provide educated and professional human resource being able to apply Ağaoğlu philosophy, vision, mission and principles; develop his or herself, team and the company; follow up and implement technological developments.

Ağaoğlu Group has a giant staff of 10 thousand 500 people consisting of 400 engineers and architects, 35 percent of whom have master and doctoral-training.

In Ağaoğlu Group, as an organization of constantly evolving and training, continuing education is essential. As well as our budget to education is unlimited, all educational resources both within and outside the institution are provided for our employees. Graduate and doctoral training supports are provided as well as personal and professional development training to our employees. For being able to closely follow the dynamics of a changing world and being able to pioneer, opportunity to participate in international seminars, training and exhibitions are provided.


Dynamism: To keep organizational structures dynamic and to be ready to changes in line with strategic plans and goals of the Group companies.

Maximum Performance: To improve individual and team performance by processes and systems that improve quality continuously in order to use Human Resources most effectively and efficiently, and to direct the power of government in accordance with the group objectives.

The present state of employees: In addition to offering a modern, comfortable and safe working environment to employees, their families are also considered and their children are subsidized scholarships to invest in their future.

Future of employees: Providing career development opportunities for employees.

Career planning of all of our employees is carried out carefully by considering their entire qualifications. Rotation and transfer opportunities within the group are provided.

Personal Development: Providing a working environment where employees can learn, try and improve continuously, with the belief that personal development will be reflected directly in the job development.